Epic Magic: How Oracle Cards Can Help You Guide Your Business

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As a creative entrepreneur, I generally listen to my instincts to help navigate my life and my business.  Having aligning goals and visions that you can act on will help transport you to the next level of success.  Occasionally, divination tools can help stretch your imagination and open your thought process to capture new ideas.

I'd like to show you how Oracle cards can be a helpful tool for accessing insight and support for your business and life. Life doesn’t always flow according to the plan we had in our mind, sometimes we get blindsided by unexpected events, or things are going so smoothly we don't know which direction to go next.

When things feel confusing, when we have a difficult decision to make, or we’ve had a terrible day and want some insight about what we can learn about the day’s events—in all these instances—Oracle and Tarot Cards can give us the insight, guidance and intuitive support we need to help us move forward with more ease.

1.   Connect with the deck

Not all decks are going to resonate with you. Every deck has an energy, which often relates to the creator of the deck and how the messages and feeling of the deck resonates with you. Sometimes you’ll feel an instant attraction to a deck and other times you’ll find that no matter what card you pull nothing feels right. Trust your feelings. Not all decks work for everybody. Basically—take some time to connect with the deck and feel for yourself if it’s the right ally to work with in gaining insight and support.

2.   Connect with your own Energy

Take a few moments to pause from whatever chaos you’ve been dealing with and take a few seconds to ground and focus on your breath. Notice what’s coming up for you: any thoughts, feelings or questions you have. Then being present with the feeling and/or question that comes up for you, ask the deck to lend you support and guidance.

3.   Shuffle the deck the way you want

You may find that as you meditate on your question, you’ll shuffle the cards at the same time. You'll find it helpful to focus your attention on whatever issue you're having and to shuffle the deck with that focus in mind. Give yourself permission to do it any way you want. Since this is an intuitive process, start trusting your intuition to guide in every way—including how you shuffle the deck and draw the card.

4.   Play and Experiment

In business and in life we need to constantly experiment with new ideas and offers to see what we enjoy and what others will receive.  There are certain experiments that may have a good track record at working in creating business success: but ultimately you need to test it out for yourself to see if it works for your business and feels right for you. The same can be said for everything in life: and this includes your Oracle Readings. Experiment with different card spreads. Experiment with different decks.

Ultimately allow your inner guidance and intuition to guide how you play with the cards. There are so many ways to play with a deck that you’re best off to experiment a little until you start to feel more comfortable and feel a natural ease about playing. There are many awesome decks available, take a few minutes to browse some choices online and see which ones appeal to you.  My current favorite is The Wild Unknown, which is available here.


Dr. Liz Musil

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