About Lizzie Tabitha 

Lizzie Tabitha is a digital space for the online entrepreneur, the creative mind, the visionary, and the free spirit. Created by Dr. Liz Musil in 2012, Lizzie Tabitha is a celebration of creativity, design, business, and technology. The focus is imaginative entrepreneurship for creatives, as a soulful manifestation of abundance.

As an expression of free-form online business, this site endeavors to promote content and products reflective of contemporary organizations in the cloud.  

The overarching goals are to create engagement, teach & share knowledge, build cohesiveness, and develop profitable relationships.  With a growing number of businesses online, the need to identify successful entrepreneurial attributes in virtual settings is critical. New skills need to be embraced to ensure successful behaviors, skills, and traits of business are practiced.


Dr. Liz Musil


Who is Dr. Liz Musil?

I'm a shadow ally to creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, and teachers. I create actionable content to help anyone interested in growing a sustainable, profitable virtual enterprise. My videos, articles, eBooks and courses are about business, design, entrepreneurship, and technology. What is super-satisfying to me is achieving (and helping others achieve) self-reliance and financial independence.

An online entrepreneur since 2002, I work as a coach, consultant, designer, web developer, author, and professor. I teach entrepreneurship, leadership, and design at the university level and have completed research studies on virtual leadership.

I work out of my seaside villa located on a peninsula outside of Los Angeles, with my rescue dog, Zoe.


Natal zodiac chart 

Natal Zodiac Chart ~ Dr. Liz Musil

Natal Zodiac Chart ~ Dr. Liz Musil